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you may wonder how rudraksha works on our chakra? Our body has bio-electricity and electromagnetic fields ( our seven chakras are powerful vortex points to receive positive energies from the universe and dissipate negative energies to the universe for re-cycling. Even each and every cell (our body has more than 50 trillion cells )which work on the principles of energy exchange and radiations. Each cell in our body consists of fats, complex sugar, nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) and proteins (we have more than one lakh types of protein which differentiates the functionality of cell of a toe and cell of a heart or brain). Proteins have amino acids molecules which have positive and negative charges like magnets, thus creating repulsions and attractions, which in turn creates rotary circles thousands of times in a second to balance the repulsions and attractions. We call it “Prana Shakti” (life force). It is the protein’s electromagnetic charges that are responsible for behavior generating movements I.e. heart cells behaving like a heart cell and brain cells like a brain. Any imbalance in electrical circuits flows in the body will influence the functionality of body- mind. The electromagnetic vortexes (chakras) would get disturbed. These imbalanced polarities are balanced by rudraksha.
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