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SWOT analysis It is required to do SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis occasionally to assess our progress path and deal with challenging situations. Planets do not always give good results. In addition, a planet, which is generally understood as a good planet (for example everyone considers Jupiter as a good planet), may not be good for someone. Similarly, planets like Saturn, Mars or Rahu, which people label as bad may be very good for someone. Jyotish is relative and not absolute There is no good or bad planet in absolute terms. It will depend on various factors like which house it is occupying, which another planet is in the same house, Which planet is aspecting it, whether that planet is good for you or not etc. Therefore, we cannot analyze anything in isolation and in a compartmentalized way. Dasha Dasha means period ( a span of time).There are Maha Dasha, Antar Dasha, and pratyantar dasha. During these periods planets whose dasha is running becomes more powerful. Moon Maha dasha Rahu antar dasha Mars pratyantar dasha Example: you are running moon Mahadasha, in that you are undergoing Rahu antar dasha. Moon is water and Rahu is IR, so you will have agitated mind. In that, you are running Mars pratyantar dasha. Therefore, you will have anger also. Briefly, you will be angry, agitated and sad- --irritated depressive thoughts will pervade your mind. Use your common sense to understand the synergies of energies.
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