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Sun rules over Manip
Sun rules over Manipura chakra (solar plexus). This is the center for power, name, fame, position, and money. Mani means jewel and this chakra is referred to as Manipura, the town of jewels because the true meaning of life, purpose of life, reasons for life are explored, understood and assimilated here. Mani is also another name for the sun. The sun is a symbol of power, authority, brilliance, and fame. A balanced Manipura chakra gives all this to a person. Imbalance in Manipura chakra in a negative way, i.e., if the chakra is underactive then a person starts feeling inadequate, has low self-esteem, low levels of confidence, an inferiority complex and no desire to excel in any field in life. Too much energy in this chakra creates delusion and dissonance, disdain, hatred, arrogance and manic conditions. Too much ego, over-confidence and an over-ambitious attitude are indicators of a blocked front chakra. How to balance Sun energy If sun in your kundali is bad then never wear ruby gemstone. If sun is good but retro (R) then you can wear ruby stone on right ring finger. If Sun is bad for you or in Deb (D), then wear 3-mukhi and 12-mukhi rudraksha. As a pendant or mala, you can wear it on chest but ensure that the thread length is sufficient for rudraksha to hang over solar plexus area. Do not use black color thread. White thread is recommended. You can also use a silver chain. If you want to wear it as a bracelet on hand, then wear 3- mukhi on left hand. If you plan to wear 12 mukhi then wear it on right hand. We know about Jatharagni (fire in belly). If it is not proper then one has acidity and indigestion. Also mentally, he feels powerless and under-confident. All these happen due to sun. If it body related problems then use 3-mukhi and if it is mind related then wear 12-mukhi rudraksha. Listen to Hruday Aditya Strotram (108 names of surya, down load from YouTube). Give water to surya facing east, standing bare foot on the ground. Donate white/copper color clothes to poor. Diabetes and Manipura chakra Please note that sun and Jupiter both rule over this chakra (solar plexus) and if either of these are retro, debilitated or bad for you in the chart then stress handling capacity goes down which leads to diabetes. Wearing a combination of 3, 5 and 12 mukhi rudraksha mala can be extremely helpful for diabetes. If Jupiter is not bad for you, you can also add one yellow sapphire stone in this mala. Alternatively use it on right index finger. If sun is not bad for you, you can also use one ruby in the mala along with 3, 5 and 12 mukhi rudraksha. You can also wear it on right hand ring finger. Taviz made of root of Brahmajasthi tree balances Jupiter energy. For balancing energy of Sun, you can wear a Taviz of Bel tree root.
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