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Moon’s Neurology Ou
Moon’s Neurology Our hormonal secretions (which is very less understood in medical science), the functioning of pituitary and pineal glands (neurology is still a toddler in this field) are influenced by thoughts and emotions which are triggered by MOON. You have seen the tides in the sea… how Lakhs of tons of water is thrown and tossed from one place to another. Look at the crime rate on Poornima (full moon) nights. Contrary to general beliefs that crimes would be more on amavasya (no moon or new moon), most of the crimes, accidents, rapes etc happen on Poornima nights. This is because the moon is in full power. The influence of moon is also seen in menstrual cycles of women 9 the 28/29 days cycles). The mad people are refereed as “lunatic (from lunar: moon). In India, lunatics are called “chand mara, ” bitten by moon bug. If you look at the kundali of great poets, painters, artists, philanthropists, etc. you will find a strong influence of moon. Most of the masters have attained enlightened on Poornima nights. There is only one exception in the last tirthankara of Jains Mahavir, who was enlightened on amavasya. Because he is an exception and could achieve such divine grace contrary to general rules, he is called Mahavir (a great warrior). Tithi : the Lunar Date of East The influence of moon on our mind varies as per the tithi (lunar date) one is born. It also depends how close the tithi is to Poornima or amavasya. People born on amavasya are generally very emotional and those who are born on amavasya are introverts and depressed. If one is born on amavasya, the intensity of lunar influence is very pronounced. The girls are generally very emotional and they get in to depression and melancholic close to amavasya. In India, these girls are “amavasi, ” and people avoid getting married to these girls. There is a belief that either these girls will get divorced or husband will die early. Let us not give credence to such notions. Just keep in mind that those who are born on or close to amavasya are prone to get in to depressions and hence deal with them accordingly
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