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Astrology: a new und
Astrology: a new understanding Your and other’s robotic behavior stems from a pre-programmed chip embedded in your mystic glands inside your brain. This chip controls the inherent behavior mechanism. The information about this coded chip is available in your kundali. Shani (Saturn): a new understanding Shani is like a GPS with in-built navigation system. A retrograde (R) or Debilitated (D) Shani is like a GPS, which is malfunctiong. Obviously, you land up at wrong places, at wrong timings, thus wasting your life’s energy reaching nowhere. This creates frustration, sadness, depression, and mental agony. Self-pity and confusions make you wail in a well of despair, you wallowing, “my fate!”
  • 2017-10-20T06:25:32

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